Features and Benefits

All In One Profitability

Benefits of Robot Technology

The BIGMOW – BALLPICKER duo has a variety of features and benefits that can enable your golf facility to cut costs in many areas.

• Automation of various labour-intensive tasks
• No mowing collection, disposal of waste or ball collection
• No need to close the practice range to carry out maintenance and collect balls
• Elimination/ reduction of costs associated with grass maintenance: scarification, coring, irrigation, chemical fertilizers, weed treatment
• Thousands of balls recovered instead of remaining buried in the ground
• Energy costs three times less than the equivalent combustion machines


Automated Robots Endurance

Unfailing Endurance
The automated robots are made of non-corroding materials, are designed to permanently remain outdoors, whatever the weather. In winter, it is advisable to use a parking shelter.

Automated Robots Tireless

Day or night, the BIGMOW and the BALLPICKER continue tirelessly on their route, carefully following the programming recorded in their memories, which can be easily adjusted when needed. The two robots work silently together, day and night, rain or shine, on Sundays and public holidays. They do their job during peak periods and do not take time off.

Automated Robots Remote Control

Remote Control
Via the use of a mobile phone, the user can control how their robots operate. At a distance, you can turn it off, restart or change modes from the programmed schedule to full remote control. The robot can also inform the user of any problems via a mobile phone text message. Upon request, the robot can send its productivity statistics via the internet.

Automated Robots Guidance System

Guidance System
The BIGMOW and BALLPICKER both use exclusive, advanced guidance signal filter technology. Whatever the working conditions, there is no risk of it losing its bearings due to electrical interference (mobile phone signals, buried or airborne power lines, magnetic fields). Thanks to this advanced technology, Belrobotics is the only manufacturer in the world able to produce robots that can work in extreme conditions, such as high to ultra-high voltage electricity stations.

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