BigMow – Cutting Edge Technology

BigMow Robot Lawn Mower

BigMow’s Superior Quality

Exclusive mowing process
BigMow automatically mows the whole driving range between 3 to 5 times per week, depending on program preferences. This fine, clean and gentle cut imposes no stress to the grass. It leaves the turf visibly more beautiful, greener, denser, and as such becomes an ideal playing surface. This healthy grass requires less repair, reseeding, irrigation and chemical fertilizers.


Constant Mulching
BigMow only cuts the top of the grass. The cuttings are only a few millimetres long and can easily penetrate the soil, thereby providing a 100 % natural fertiliser. Weeds dislike regular mowing which hinders their growth and accordingly they disappear.

How It Works

Recharges Automatically
When the batteries need recharging, the robot automatically returns to the charging station. The robot operates on a low voltage, with no risk of electrocution.
Ball Protection
Patented protective discs protect the balls from the BigMow  cutting blades. They also act as anti-friction
discs for uneven ground surfaces.
Exclusive Mowing Technique
BigMow has 5 floating cutting heads. Each head has three stainless steel blades all as sharp as a scalpel, which cut the grass into very fine particles (constant mulching). The cutting blades automatically retract if they come into contact with an obstacle.
Floating Heads
The floating heads instantly adapt to any terrain : mounds molehills… They also avoid- golf balls and guarantee a uniform cutting finish over the whole surface.

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