BallPicker – Say Goodbye to Chores


BallPicker – Automatic collection of practice balls

The BallPicker is the only robotic golf ball collector in the world, developed and patented by Belrobotics. Coupled with the BigMow, it forms a duo which automates practice range maintenance tasks. This partnership is the most reliable and economic assistant for the Club´s managers. Our installation partners can complete the automated and continual ball collection process by enabling the balls to be washed and then automatically transfer them to the ball distributor.

Superior Performance
The BallPicker tirelessly sweeps the practice ground collecting the balls. It detects the areas of highest ball density with a collection capacity of 12,500 balls per day. Several BallPicker’s can operate simultaneously on large practice grounds.
Silent Operation
While conventional machines can be very noisy, Belrobotics robots produce the same amount of noise as a washing
machine. Inaudible from a few metres away, this silence enables work to take place 24/7, without disturbing golfers or neighbours.
Ball Protection
The BallPicker does not press balls into the ground so they can be used again and again. As a result the Club saves on replacing several thousands of balls every year, which normally remain buried in the ground.

How It Works

Recharging The Batteries
The BALLPICKER operates with batteries and automatically returns to its charging station to recharge.
Back To Base & Unloading The Balls
Once its tank is full of balls, the BallPicker returns to its discharge station. In just a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the retrieval ditch
The elevator device transfers the balls to the treatment system.
Ball Return To Dispenser
After traveling through the treatment system the ball is returned to the dispenser

Flexible and Time Efficient

* Practice intensity varies greatly according to the time of day.
* During busy periods, BallPicker catches up during the night

On busy days, the BallPicker may fail to pick up the balls at the same rate that they are being used. No problem : it catches up during the night or during quieter days and it tirelessly feeds the players with a sufficient number of balls. It is also possible to program the BallPicker to work in multi-zone mode.
The robot ball collector can be programmed in multizone mode. During peak times it concentrates exclusively on the area where the majority of balls land. This high concentration of balls promotes BallPicker to work efficiently, enabling it to quickly collect a large number of balls and to feed sufficient balls to the players. At night or at non-peak times, the BallPicker will collect the balls outside the high density area. The driving range manager can thereby easily adapt the functional settings to the number of golfers. The BallPicker and the BigMow can be remotely controlled by sending instructions to the robots via a mobile phone text message.


Environmentally Friendly

The automated robots are electrically operated, and consume the same amount of energy as a refrigerator. These two robots emit ten times less CO2 into the atmosphere than equivalent combustion engine machines. They also do not emit any exhaust gases or odours that could harm golfers or neighbours.

The exclusive constant mulching process of the BigMow can significantly reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers, as it naturally fertilizes the soil 100% ecologically.

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