Automated Robots For Golf Driving Ranges

Automated Robots – Quality Your Golfers Will Appreciate

Driving range mowing and ball collection are constraints that become chores. Poorly maintained grass disrupts the golfer´s vision of the ball impact point and disturbs their composure. Due to ongoing neglect, the grass deteriorates and the Club´s image suffers.

The automated robots are designed to reduce costs, streamline resources and enhance the health of your golf driving range outfield. The ideal all in one ball managing and lawn mowing solution for your outfield maintenance needs.


The Benefits of Robot Technology

Consider leaving behind traditional golf driving range equipment. By switching to the automated robots, you could save money on your driving range outfield maintenance costs. Learn More


Robot Lawn Mower

BigMow is a robotic lawn mower that can mow the whole driving range between 3 to 5 times per week, depending on program preferences. The automated lawn mower performs a fine, clean and gentle cut which imposes no stress to the grass. Learn More


Robot Ball Collector

The Ball Picker is the only robotic ball collector in the world and a revolutionary advancement in golf ball collection. This coupled with the BigMow Robotic Lawn Mower, forms a duo which automates outfield maintenance tasks. Learn More

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